I. AN AERIAL VIEW OF THE CEREBRAL Once, it may have all been called knowledge. The Greeks come along and state that everything is philosophy. Art and science were derived from philosophy. Greek philosophers loved knowledge and it is safe to assume that they operated from a pure intent. An aerial view is an abstract…Read more DIVISIONAL ABSURDITY



UN: PREMISE OF THE LENS I. A DEFINED PARADIGM OF SIGHT Perception is becoming aware through the senses, an acute insight, an intuitive understanding, a way of understanding or interpreting something, a view from a particular stance or place. Attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling, a posture of the body. Attitude is…Read more OPTIC MODE


I. INTRODUCTION This laymen’s guide to Compression Theory is for those that wish to understand the concept of compression. Understanding the fundamental is important for the setup. Kings may rise or thrones may be assailed by what lies over the horizon. II. BACKGROUND OF COMPRESSION The term ‘compression’ is used to reference the compressing of…Read more COMPRESSION THEORY