FED 17003661


FIRST INCOMPLETENESS THEOREM Any effectively generated theory capable of expressing elementary arithmetic cannot be both consistent and complete. In particular, for any consistent effectively generated formal theory that proves certain basic arithmetic truths, there is an arithmetical statement that is true, but not provable in the theory. (Kleene, 1967, p. 250). SECOND INCOMPLETENESS THEOREM For any formal effectively generated theory T including basic arithmetical truths and also certain truths about formal provability, if T includes a statement of its own consistency then T is inconsistent. (Godel).

I have stated to others that I believe that the old man needs to be evaluated by someone in mental health. He reminds me of an extreme version of my Dad when Dad started to lose it. However I do not know since I do not have the old man’s past to compare and mark changes in behavior. That is my opinion and there are no credentials to give it credence.

I had asked if I could have the number of the man who allegedly has the stuff. He started screaming at me in the Wal-Mart parking lot. He accused me of stealing $278 worth of stuff from him. He also said the guy who allegedly has my things claims that I had bottles of chemicals in my boxes. He was angry and he took a swing. I blocked it with my arm and backed off. Before all of this began I watched him whisper to his friend earlier and his friend was watching in the truck. The guy is a manipulator setting me up like he always does and this is also my opinion. The truth will surface. I did call the Police Department. (Lewis Case # 17003661, March 6, 2017) I did not file charges because I feel sorry for him. He is an old man. It did not hurt. Then again, when the first set of officers came out around October, he had hit me in the face. I told them that and also that I do not wish to file charges for the same reasons. If he truly is an old manipulator that is out of his mind, that mercy was my mistake because charges may have solved my current problem before it started.

I assume the chemicals he referred to was what is used to make meth or whatever. It is rubbish but feel free to check it out. I have recently taken a drug test and the results are with my doctor. It is a requirement to see if I am taking my medication. This is the first time that I have heard of the $278 and it seems as if that would have been reported at or shortly after I was barred from the place. I am being detailed because I want to remain objective about this. I understand how devastating gossip can be around here and I do not wish to fall into that category.

I mean no offense, but this is what irks me about Anderson County. People can say whatever and if you can not fund your innocence, then you are screwed. That is why I called the Police Department, I just wanted someone to know. I have learned to cover my bases. I have not always been poor, medical bills and my family screwed me. I was once middle class till I came here. My family did the same thing to me. They had my possessions and then CT’d me. I have been ripped off several times. My truck was stolen by a ministry and then towed. Everything falls between the letter of the law. I do not have money for a lawyer. I am fortunate to have a place to live. I have lost everything by coming to Anderson County.

There is such drama about everything. I do not like the fact that others use the police to achieve a selfish end. Personally, I think that a lot of social agencies, ministries, and churches do not back the Law enough. They drop the ball and ya’ll have to pick it up. I do not like to see others waste your time with drama and now inadvertently I find myself sucked into that as well. With that being said, I can not ask in good conscience, for ya’ll to do anymore. It is not right because this is all the old man’s drama rubbish.

I also do not fault the officers who wrote me the ticket. I know the old man is a manipulator and the officers seemed off. I say this because I have had a crash course in these sorts of people. I also realize that a deputy was dragged the night before. I would not wake up on the good side of the bed in today’s upside down social climate. The way I see it, the deputies did not err. Things are just messed up and that is all. Even if they did make a mistake, then it was due. Perfect records make anyone nervous. I also understand that ya’ll can not hold court while working in the field and everything else. CT the visitor is the most pragmatic solution. I would do the same. The law might be poorly written, I do not know. I do know that people will find loopholes around anything. That is just life. I get it.

The situation sucks and it really sucks that he has my records, documents, and so forth. It also sucks that I am getting credit card applications. I do not know if he has anything to do with that or not. I just find it to be bad timing and another hole that I will have to dig. In fact, my situation has become so adverse, that only God can bail me out of this one. I do not sleep, the old man is my head, he manipulates, taunts, etcetera. I can not win with him or others like him. I have to walk away.

I finally have food, place, shower on the same page. I only need a phone to properly job search again. I can not let the old man ruin that. I am already done. Poverty has taught me a lot. Over 362 verses in Scripture about God loving the poor. If this truly were a Christian nation, the poor would not be a continual scapegoat. Paying to protect your innocence can not happen without money. The church has faltered. If would also be reasonable to assume that I could be kissing ass to cops to get my way. I am not, but look around my websites because similar things have been said before. Ethically speaking, I can be on your side, but you do not necessarily have to be on mine. If I do not break the law, then I am fine. The Law is the last social institution standing. When the cops are gone, so is the country. Besides, the Sheriff’s Department and the Palestine Police Officers have really looked out for me. I appreciate that. Sorry it is so wordy. I just thought that I would say it all while I had the chance. I should have typed things out before.

I may or may not ask a judge or Adult Protective Services if there is anything that they could do. I do not want to railroad the old man. I would like my stuff. However, I can only go so far.

Thank you for time,

RU-PAUL DEAX 4: 17003663

originally published march 6, 2017 1856


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