We are inserted into life and then abruptly extracted out of existence. Existence holds the spectrum of our lives. We enter and exit through its theater. Our entrance into living has been waiting and it will remain until our departure.

Our lives occur within incomplete knowledge. The human notion of control seems to insinuate that it contains complete knowledge. Control is a fallacy that is pursued by the fearful. Complete knowledge remains far above our mortal grasp.

The unknown is innate and magnetic. Should one desire to live at greater depths, then abandon fear and dare its breadth. The breach of terra incognita derives our understanding. Wisdom declares these isles to be colonized as one of the known. Within the wake of discovery, come the traipsing of cartographers. The exotic becomes common from the mapping of steps and then others follow. We map symbols to meaning as if all of life can be systematized into code. We remain fortunate that the essence of life still remains elusive.

We remain incomplete because limits govern our human existence. Death is the zero hour that bears our meaning. We think about these things throughout our lives. Metamathematics, philosophy, religion or whatever method contemplates the bottom line of meta-life. If language is how we make sense of reality and language occurs within the brain; would our brains not hold another universe of meta-life?

Meta-life is to engage the depths of existence through a particular method of contemplation. A map is left by every life. People have personal talents, tastes, traits, and preferences. The contemplation of our lives are viewed through these preferences. The steps of paths taken, the colors which bathe every venture, and the individual acts of volition are summed into a finished spectrum. A map is derived from the spectrum of our lives. Life and its view of its contemplation is formed through the preference of a method. That method brings cohesion, sense, and semblance to meaning. The method to how we live and how we understand life is the cartography of our lives.


People are bonded through native tongues and beliefs. The constant familiarities are our intimates. Language takes its own course of details when conversing with intimates. It is as if we talk in code which contains a subset reserved for those we endear. Our meaning is something that we do not completely understand and yet it is held dearly. Our existence is deepened and dependent upon that meaning. Love remains as the code that has held our essence.

This premise is modeled from a detached stance of code. It is an inductive proximity that veers near while leaving the subject untouched. How does one touch the abstract? Could the stature of giants be mistaken for the ambient? Proximity, scale, and context are attributes of perception just as patience remains as the courting of wisdom.

The Meta, Infinite, and Incomplete are foundations to the method that derive our line of sight. The impetus beneath that gaze is the Unknown. The three foundations and the singular impetus coalesce into the abstract of ‘Psyche Fiction’. The abstract was placed at the end so the reader would get the feel of what it is like to be within the midst of the arrival of a new idea It is an imitation of being within the process of an idea in motion, an imitation of life. There would be no reason for one to believe that these matters were specifically linked. The five essays could stand alone or they may be viewed as relations within the whole.

How ideas originate is a matter of debate. We truly do not know, therefore the nature and process of ideas lie closer to belief than fact. I personally believe that one must allow an idea to lead us to its definitive end. One must be subservient to an idea, to allow it to possess you in order to gain its understanding and completion. Humility is the door that opens us to the gaining of wisdom and knowledge. The veil between truth and delirium is torn by The Godelian Psi-Fi. The essential becomes distinguished through a locked focus peering through some mad abracadabra. Existence is a mystery worth serving.

Should these foundations fall to usurpers, imitation would return via Godel’s coup upon mathematics. The fall of mathematics also breached the walls of science. Foundations and revolutions nod to a past seen through new eyes. In that glance back, we turn to place tomorrow. None claim to know our destination, we just believe that it is a better place than where we stand.

The Godelian Psi-Fi is the science of doubt, a parody of human reason that instills doubt into an argument’s possible stances. If only one side of an argument were instilled with doubt, then this would be manipulation. Any debutante can manipulate. Doubt can be the


nemesis of certainty or an equal opportunity offender. Instilling diffidence is something that only the irritatingly gifted can achieve. Picking sides is merely setting yourself up for hypocrisy by placing too much trust in your fellow man. Mankind screws things up and then it seeks to veil the mistakes. The concealment of flaws is the maintenance of an unhealthy and productive arrogance that requires one to lie. Doubt may court the fear that enables one to join this masquerade of human frailty.

The problem with doubt is that it plays many roles. Doubt may be the door that opens to a greater faith. Doubt may also peruse you as a mistress of fear. The essence of dread is born through the crush of our sighs. Our lives and perceptions blur and click into the indistinct. If fear has leveraged a flawed sense into reason, then fear becomes a prophet in your head. The time spent in dread enables fear to enter into existence as if it is a darker aspect of making wishes come true. Doubt is the mistress that makes this introduction, the allure that draws our touch closer. A carrier does not need to touch, there are inductive means of infection. If this were not so, then ideas would not be so dangerous.

This is loosely based upon Kurt Godel’s Incompleteness Theorems and that is the gimmick that I champion. ‘Psi-Fi’ is a mutation of the abbreviation for science-fiction: ‘sci-fi’. What deters your understanding is the fiction within your head, the real alien is you. How do you know that your beliefs are true? How do you know what you know? How do you know that I know what I claim to know? Most of you do not.

Kurt Godel was one of the greatest logicians in mathematics. His Incompleteness Theorems formally entered the world on October 7, 1930. The legacy of these theorems have breached a vast expanse of influence. The touch of usurpers leave revolution as their bedlam, their veer is our whelm. Godel’s touch altered logic, mathematics, computers, artificial intelligence, philosophy, cybernetics, and a host of other fields. Cartographers are still redrawing the maps. The world still reverberates from the steps where he once tread.

Kurt Godel,
April 28, 1906 – January 14, 1978.




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