The unknown lingers with the meta, infinite, and incomplete. Its mystery is central to our existence and the nexus to our lives is its impact. Within the unknown lies the golden key of Man. The descent of its oracles purse against the lips of men. Its wisdom may be within our midst, but its knowledge resides above our touch. Does wisdom now reside within the known? Our response is governed by the integrity of what we seek and the acceptance of what has been bequeathed. Our borders are determined by the unknown. Our mind and senses remain encompassed within that form. Our premise of existence is held within that whim.

We can not truly speak of the unknown. By definition of its nature, it has left us with nothing to say. We slip between the spaces of its touch and emote about our responses. Our garnered allowance comes in glimpses, hypothesis, theoria, and perimeters of dream.

All that Man has known is mere and engulfed by the unknown. As isles framed against the eternal, the unknown is a spectrum so vast that we dissolve from sight. Rendered as shadows beneath the whelm of giants, our lives become another spectrum contained within a greater spectra. A universe of unceasing wonders has dwarfed all that we have dreamt. This is affixed within an expanse of existence. Whatever lies beyond, above, outside, and among another yonder shall remain held within the hands of God.

God is perceived to be either real, personal, indifferent, or nonexistent. Regardless of one’s stance, the concept of God has always been life’s ultimate question. It remains saddled with ‘the meaning of life’ and ‘life after death’. It is as if God is everywhere and yet no one has seen Him. The ultimate enigma requires a test of faith. God and the infinite share the similar regard of Man being comfortable with endings, pinnacles, or defining existence for understanding. This affinity is applicable to the meta and the unknown. We remain too incomplete to answer such grand reason.

Is Man so desperate for meaning that our default offering is the acceptance of fairy tales? Does Man undermine its own significance? Could we also yearn for meaning because it was


created to be in our nature? Faith and doubt may linger within a calculus that remains close but not touching. The nearing calculus within this distance walks the haunt of our nature. The vaunt of our confines may lie betrayed, revealed by the doubt of our certainty.

All knowledge is liberated from the unknown. All craving requires satisfaction and triumph awaits only for the daring. Departing ignorance must persevere through the common dread and usual laze of bestial hoards. The nobility of man is that our eyes are set higher. Our stance may reside upon the earth, but our hearts are beckoned by stars. We desire to fly and that is the problem with knowledge. It awaits as one betrothed for the daring. It is bold to fend against resistance. The struggle between doubt and certainty is where all ventures must dare. The plumbing of depths requires a courage of the spirit.

There is always something over every horizon. Enigma is a bait that is madding and eternal. The deeper that we delve, the more lost we seem to become. It is as if we were the same as when we first began. The philosophical is a wall that thwarts all men. Fending through the fitted pieces is a process that calls from beyond. The reward of our arrival is that we cease to be giants. Within the scope of awe, we become men again. We are dwarfed by a logic that supercedes our reason. Life reminds us that we are small within its scope and that makes us breathe in relief. Once again, the universe is exotic and unbound within the new glories of wonder. That is the destination of pioneers in invention, to discover again the ramparts of creation. For a moment, we are as children again and all of the world is this big and wondrous place that beckons our pursuit.

Science prefers a certain grammar, a logic of relations, a schematic of fitted pieces that may be assembled or disassembled at will. Do the depths of the unknown hold another nature that eludes our understanding? Through a form so exotic, do we become stilled with awe and gaping in bewilderment?

Wisdom is more than the governing use of knowledge. It also lends itself to how one responds to the unknown. Discovery, invention, or any name given to acts of creation are also determined by its response to the unknown. How one grows in their personal lives is also determined by that response. The notion of growth is instilled by change and that is inhabited by something new. Something new emerges from the unknown.

Evocative fear has a reputation for being hitched to dilemma. The problem with the unknown is that it has been unjustly saddled with an emotive response of fear. Awe and wonder also rise from the unknown. We like those emotive states because they are memorable. Significant memories mean that pinnacles were built within our lives. We have a fond regard for the times in which we rise. Character is built when we overcome the insurmountable, peak in our accomplishments, and when we are blessed above measure. Those clusters of zenith moments make our lives seem epic and this equates into purpose, meaning, love, and power. There is no reasonable discourse for an instinctive response of fear to be linked with the unknown.


Mere human prejudice forms an unsuitable dread, a curse passing like genetics. This stigma enables superstition to become law through ignorance, immorality, manipulation, and/or methods of the supernatural. It operates as generational brainwashing because fewer resources increase the difficulty of overcoming bad decisions. It is an impoverished stasis, a retardation that is pandemic through the family line.

Fear is the paralytic clutch of movement that is held as an eternal moment. We remain standing in the silence of the unholy. We remain frozen in infection as mortal terror become giants of a deadly whelm. One bad day may become a delirium for the ages. It is a distortion that favors the negative and its illusion becomes the expanse that is all-consuming.

Dread infects perspective, mars the attitude, and stains all initial contact with the unknown because everything becomes leveraged to the negative. It is maligned to saddle the unknown with such a prejudicial weight because it hinders the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge.

If our sentiments and superstitions govern reason then reason remains erred in suspension. Reason must operate from an objective stance and influence may sway that delicate balance of objectivity. Our efforts stumble because of a prejudicial imbalance. Our mortal stead drowns with such a desperate grief that is needless as it is daunting. Human nature is left to paw through a maniacal gasping because the growth of fear becomes exponential. With such fear abounding throughout time, how can one truly buy into the notion of evolution? Running away is not a good solution for personal growth, much less for the survival of a species.

One can not properly think in states of fear. Reason becomes flawed at the initial premise and those scars are passed on. Survival instincts do not include cowering in shadows. The absence of light can be engulfed


distortion. The fable for all children is that monsters come at night. This flaw is infectious and the end of fear is death. Should one to choose to live in fear, then one dies many times before the last breath is drawn.

Some lives seem born and formed by fear. It is as if their existence sways on a premise of fiction. Propaganda is the voice of dread, a lie structured through the science of diction. Fear is a manipulator with an intent to sway, control, embody, and possess. Fear desires a reversal of one’s true course as the levied weight of delirium. It may freeze you within a moment or cause one to seek comfort instead of understanding. Ignorance is the leverage of dread. To maintain its stead, fear must repeat the flawed assumption that feels like truth. Fear deceives and this illusion becomes foundational. Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding are the first usurpers that rise against fear. The more that is known about a given matter is the first step into an easing of fear.

Impatience forces our sentiments to be hastily born. The intended premise never forms into completion. What resides within our minds remains incomplete and growing in distortion. It is not reason that suspends belief, it is the ignorance that willfully fills that space. All of life becomes sci-fi. Fear is the slave-maker and anger is the carrier of its response. The bounded come to resist completion and they give fear a pandemic strength. What lies on another side is big enough to engulf our minds and our lives become that lie. Our reason, our perspective glance, and all of the matters that we assume to be factual and true are incomplete and in error. Decisions that make us feel better can overlook the problem. Volition that stems from a desperate flight to safety usually mean another response to play into the hands of your aggressor. Fear enables the lie within our minds and we remain confused and out-maneuvered. In allowing fear to magnify the opposition, we come to believe that we strive against giants. Our science fiction is the delirium within our lives. All of our usurpers have returned and they are one: you.

Discovery, invention, or whatever name creation may carry at that moment is the act of one being moved by an idea. It is another act of Man imitating God. When one is within the inventive process, one is led by the idea. There is no reason to know where one is going. There is only the supreme confidence that your destination will be better than where you currently stand. Purity and innocence has its own courage that easily lends itself to matters of faith.


A different stead, a shift of attitude, a curious and objective gesture will dispel with the darker colors of superstition and human frailty. The dividing premise between invention and decay is a mere perspective of confidence. A clearer head says ‘boo!’ back to the nightmares that we carry. The unknown should have never been linked with monsters. The unknown may reside within the legend of wonders, yet one may never know until they tread its depths.

Every venture begins with the purpose of destination, even if that destination is unknown. If for no other sake than to reference the undefined within conversation, the unknown within your venture will require a name. It seems elemental in human nature to apply a nickname if you do not know the other person’s name. Mapping symbols to meaning is also elemental in defining code. Names, mathematics, and language are manifestations of code, When Kurt Godel declared that he was going to name the unknown as ‘X’. That is where his steps led. Cartographers are still charting those horizons.




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