Lying is easier and more fun than telling the truth. Lying in itself is an art form. The first thing that one must do in order to be a more effective liar is to lie to yourself. If you believe your own crap, then most likely so will everyone else. People are so full of it. They are perilously starved for good entertainment. Lying can make this happen. Learning how to properly lie is a bit like going to magic school. In all the movies about wizards, the learned ones can make things appear and disappear out of thing air. Lying is like that. The cool thing about lying is that you do not have to fill your mind with a bunch spells and other sorts of hokum. With lying, it is best to shoot from the hip. You make it up as you go. The only thing that can stop a good lie is the truth. Fortunately, we have become that gutless world that is overly possessed by countless material possessions. Among the repertoire of envy, lust, vanity, and other fun things; truth seems to be lost among the shuffle.

Lying works like magic because you can manipulate the truth for your own gain. It is like stealing in plain sight. It works because of one simple principle. That principle is that most of the population is gutless. If one has an abundance of nerve, then one can go many places. Hitler knew this secret, that is why history and the History Channel show so many Nazi films. Hitler is interesting and cable television knows it. Everyone knew that Adolph was a vile, but he is market gold. No one had the nerve to go up to him and punch him in the face. Hitler would have been a magnificent poker player.

Hitler knew the pragmatic semi-eternal truths. He even had the guts to run with them. That is why Hitler still stands as the hallmark for becoming the perfect despot. Every leader of any corrupt banana republic has studied Hitler. In fact, it is rumored that Hitler had written a series of books on power and conquest. These books are legendary because they came in boxed sets that had other Nazi trinkets. The banana republic editions did not include that all important book of style. Hitler’s lost book of style is the fabled grail for every up and coming despot. It was rumored that Che Guevara once possessed that book. Despite being lost in the jungle, his legacy lives on inT-shirts and therefore immortality. That book of style is the nexus for true fame. Despite all the rumors and through the countless rewrites of history,there is one thing that remains: those Nazis could dress. Black and red remains as the favored colors for global ass-kickers. Look at certain terrorist cells, inner city gangs, small oppressive countries, and cool, underground, death-metal bands. What they all have in common are the black and red colors. Power is easy to get if one dresses to properly bluff.

Getting power is not the problem for those that are reasonably enlightened. Keeping and expanding such power is how one truly leaves their mark on the world. The world likes things that make marks. These are things that media outlets can spin. If media outlets are successfully telling or retelling some tale to suit their ends, Then one should sigh in relief because that means that money is being made. Money is what drives global economies. Propaganda is what keeps it fresh and entertaining. If one accepts that everyone has an angle, then one understands a universal truth about civilization. That truth is that angles are used in building things. Life is all about the fulfillment of selfish goals. It is about how much crap one can put in their system. It is also the quick adjustment to the various qualities of crap that reside in the market place. Being adaptable and flexible in life is very important. Life changes and you have to be ready to jump ship whenever the going gets tough.

For anyone with a reasonable ego to fill, this could be a golden age. People are conned, marketed, used, abused, sold, and sold out for a variety of means and reasons. This has been going on for so long within this modern state that it has become acceptable. Darwin is right, soon all babies will be born with giraffe throats, hooker lips, and jaws that expand like a snake. This would be the evolutionary facilitation that enables one to engulf more crap being shoveled into their system. If luck holds, people will become dumber, duller, and even softer than before. There will also be more of them and they will need stuff to do. Slavery is becoming ripe for acceptance again. Enslavement offers a cornucopia of free labor. This is good for those who desire to build a humongous statue devoted to their ego.

The world likes individuality. Nothing says that I am special and perilously insecure more than an expensive statue that is larger than life. If the statue is adorned with gimmicks made from space age materials, then one is perceived to be cutting edge. If all of this is based on some concept that no one understands, then one is believed to be avant-guard, a trail blazer. If you add something recycled to this monstrosity, then that means that leftists approve of you. With the leftist blessing you, can make all the money that you want and the media will not say bad things about you. You can get caught with hookers, llamas, or whatever, and everyone will still think that you are a cool guy. Naturally the slaves that were killed in erecting this singular passion merely adds to the legend and it keeps the locals away. All of this shall go unreported.

The cool thing about a little knowledge is that it can go a long way in the hands of the wrong people. You so desperately want to be that wrong person. You want to be the guy that nobody wants. You want to begin by standing alone. You against the world is how one should start out. That is rebellion and chicks dig bad guys. Media likes the rebel types because it enables them to milk both sides of a trend. Media is not about the truth, it is about manipulation, money, power, and it is formatted with a passable sense of style. In all truth, only the Nazis and the Americans truly understand media. Media is good because it keeps people on their toes. People like to tiptoe and they like to guess. Media understands that its audience is essentially clueless ballerinas that are paranoid because they want to be taller. Ballerinas seem like they are double jointed. The farther that one can bend their back and limbs means that they have gained appeal. Mogul types is like this when they need someone to accept that day’s current incarnation of crap. Being double jointed is not only good for ballerinas, but for hookers as well. Ballerinas get to wear super-hero tights and they know how to pretend to fly. Hookers are double jointed because the imagination of the American male is greatly enhanced when these types of options are displayed for pleasure. Good hookers are like nature’s imitation of the vacuum cleaner. Great hookers are the trophy wives of the rich and trendy.

The good thing about fashion and trend is that after a while, everything has come and gone into acceptability. The bad thing is that there are limited choices to choose from. Yet one would never know that because of all the ways that packaging and propaganda make things seem as if they are shiny and new. We like shiny and new because we like gimmicks and toys. In all truth, the only reason that we work is so that we can buy toys. We have never truly grown up, we have only gotten taller. Tall is good because you can intimidate little kids. That is fun because it is an easy way to feed the ego. Egos tend to be selfish by nature. Since there is no use in denying nature, then one should run with it. Remember, Confucius was wrong, it is not the middle way. The Cults and marketing guys knew the truth; it is the easy way. So if one ever needs to boost their ego, then boss some kid around. Kids are small, stupid, and perfectly formed made to be slaves. They also like dirt and that is good because it saves on expenses. Parents are nothing more than a localized version of human slave traders. They save on labor because they do not have to buy their slaves, they make them.



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