It is the preferred client of Madison Avenue. Its infiltration greases the skids on Wall Street. Its bitch slap methods make Washington D.C. work. It is the center charm in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. It is more than a man, it is an idea and that idea is evil. Evil pulls in a big crowd because there is a lot of fun stuff to do. That is usually a good drawing card.

In evil, there are always options. One may run with their favorite lust. One can mix and match various forms of lust, cruelty, and shame. One may also challenge aspiration by embracing different forms of depravity. Evil not only offers variety, it also realizes that if it is fun for one, then doing the vile as a group would be ecstatic. Evil understands that it is neat that other people get together and participate in acts of the lazy and depraved. When one is lost in a good time, all sorts of imaginable pandemonium can occur. When one is accompanied by a crowd, then imaginary courage swells within you. At that point anything is actually possible.

It is easy to be labeled as a psychopath when you are alone and doing whatever bad thing turns your dials. Yet, if one engages in the same act with a number of other people, then validity is granted and that makes it acceptable. If it is not okay, then it does not matter because numbers give safety, validation, and an overwhelming force for any that may disagree. Sufficient numbers make those opposed too afraid to say no. Keeping detractors away by the sheer measure of force will allow whatever to go on. You also get a double whammy on law abiding citizens because they become guilty of sins of omission. Now you have that whole guilt thing added to work them down. Fear and guilt are excellent methods for keeping others under your thumb. In fact, guilt is the preferred tool for most parents, politicians, and certain corrupt churches.

The finesse of evil lies in the notion that it does not need to make or do anything. It just needs to lay its hands on something and tinker around a bit. It is not the opposite of good, it is its corruption. Evil has a low overhead and expenses are easily kept at a minimum. It is as if evil comes with a built-in profit margin. With evil, you do not have to hire and fire vendors, management, workers, or any sort of thing like that. Blackmail and the bullet are the usual means of slashing any budget. Big business and politics accepts the cost effective measures that evil brings to the table. When these methods are applied to the stock market, then you can just sit back and watch those stocks rise. When money and evil get together, it is like a short cut to riche.

By the time that the public accepts this, the trailblazer types have already moved on. It should seemed typical that once your buck has been made and saved, those crazy guys change the monetary system. This is what I mean by evil being one step ahead of the best of the rest. Evil is like the tough guy that goes one step ahead to see if things are okay. Of course, evil is also the perfect traitor. Evil is the true and modern in its renaissance appeal to man because it can do a lot of cool stuff. It does these things well as it also makes sloppiness acceptable. That is what makes evil so classic and cross cultural, it is malleable and adaptable.

When bad things happen, always include the Dad. American culture has demonized dads for years. It is a good method of the divide and conquer mind set because it is a form of invisible castration. It is subtle and hidden within the veils of comedy. Comedy is an effective means of persuasion because it deals with absurdity. When you get down to it, you and your fellow man are most likely absurd. We believe all sort of absurdities as we also contain the gall to run with it. Television knows this, that is why network television can pass off drool in the name of programming. In all truth, television gave up a long time ago. When imitation is followed by imitation, that is a sure sign of surrender. Yet there is a buck to be made and therefore no official announcement is made. I think everyone knows this, yet no one has told us to move on. Television has become accustomed to us, it takes us for granted and we never cease to go back for more. We have been conned, trained, and shaped by Madison Avenue. We have been sold out in Washington D.C. Everyone knows this, yet it is perilously hard to change valued traditions. Now you know why zombies have become so popular. They are a parody of us in culture. It is extensively used and exhumed by literature, comic books, merchandising, and other forms of media gimmicks. It is the badly told, inside joke that travels through local gossip. It is pathetic and everyone fakes it because it is too much of an effort to correct said gossip. No one cares and it is shown in their indifference.

Passing the buck is an effective means of avoiding guilt. You want to make others feel guilty. You do not wish to feel any guilt. Hypocrisy is always the option if one so desires a back-up plan. Enlightenment is too much effort and pain is probably involved. We like peace of mind to be pre-packaged and easy. If something moves then we assume that it functions. Passing the buck moves things. Therefore it functions. If everyone does it, then marketing decrees that everyone must imitate this process.

Doing whatever one desires goes in the face of society. Trends occur in cycles and if blatant hedonism is in the current cycle, then this very well could be a good time to be alive. Always remember that lying can give you seemingly unlimited options. Going against society labels one as a rebel. Chicks dig the bad guys and men like sluts. This is just a universal truth. You might as well live it up. Tomorrow, you might die. That excuse has stood the passage of time. It is tried and true and used by most drunks, dissidents, and soldiers on leave.

If one is completely oblivious to the rules and regulations of acceptable behavior, then one is most likely to attract all sorts of criminal types. Criminals know how to get free stuff. It is a good thing to know some criminal elements in your neighborhood. You never know when you might need, drugs, money, revenge, or a hooker. Criminals know where these things are kept. In a sense, criminals eliminate the middle men of society, that being the merchants. If one is politically inclined, then one may see the possibilities that could exist for conservatives and liberals alike. Since conservatives like smaller government and an easier flow in business, then criminals can make that happen. Since liberals like the government to do a lot of stuff for them, then criminals can help there as well. The only difference between a conservative and a liberal is that conservatives prefer getting caught and then shamed for whatever they were up too. Liberals go through the effort of acting like they are really sorry.

In all truth, criminals run both parties. The only difference is how the money is laundered. Conservatives prefer bribery and hiding things in off shore tax shelters. Liberals like to start a government program and that is where their shell game commences. Conservatives act like they were framed. Liberals act like they care. That is the only true difference between the two political parties. What one must really ask themselves during the election season is how they would prefer their crap served to them. Should said crap enter the gullet through some fashionable marquee or would they prefer it to enter as it left, through the back door. That is the problem, the essence, and the timeless stability of crap, no matter what covers it, it still stinks.

Let us face facts, America has become like the rest of the world. This whole ship is sinking. It would just take too much effort to right the ship. There is no longer any sense in kidding ourselves. The whole situation is hopeless. In times like these, there is only one watchword. It does not matter what that watchword is because history will quickly forget. That is the problem with slogans and philosophy. Brute force and chic and trendy things tend to make them obsolete. There is only one rule within a slow decline ofcivilization: cover your ass and always use the word ‘party’ within the context of a verb. After all, it is impossible to fight forever. Just give up now and start drinking those blues away. After all, hopes and dreams are for losers. The chance of attaining such things require too much effort. Although, if one can inherit or steal the means to make such things so, then by all means do it.



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