Existence began on 19 August 1883 in Saumur, Maine-et-Loire, France and finished on 10 January 1971 in Paris, France. Born poor and formed by suffering. A charged vision, relentlessly driven, and a sculpted poise formed by noir. She was born to butch it up. A determined coup d’etat usurps her fate. She would define elegance from cruel and ugly circumstances. Tough broads are charged by their horizons. Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel was a French fashion designer and businesswoman. Her legacy was The House of Chanel.

The governing foundations of essence and quality are the eternal, the timeless and enduring, the classics that never age. Coco Chanel’s work embodied those attributes. Her work was driven by a discipline which was fueled by suffering. Her spirit was relentless and her eye was keen to the essence of beauty. That determination enabled her to excavate a matter until only the truth of beauty remained. Coco Chanel embodied elegance and her work remains as a benchmark of what art should be. Her works were glossed with a particular grace that seems eternal. Like all of the greats, she wrought the difficult with an elan of undeterred ease.

These attributes are central and essential. They are states of quality that do not sway. Within that test of taste and truth through time, they do not fade or shift with seasonable whims. Instead, they retain the benchmark state that exemplifies quality. Few have exemplified quality within a body of work like Coco Chanel.

Theorem d’ Chanel is an optimum state, an ariel perception, an undeterred quality that governs an idea. Quality is an eternal virtue. In the beginning, art and life were one.

Elegance is that optimum state of quality that is perfect as it is. The term ‘elegance’ is esteemed within the world of mathematics. Mathematicians may deem a particular proof or theorem as being elegant in their regard. Nothing may be added to or subtracted from an idea to make it better than what it is. It is the answer to what we seek, the benchmark that draws our aspiration, the golden age of an endeavor, a high state of completion whose end is another pinnacle. In elegance, one ascends potential and becomes perfect in completion.

Elegance is magnetic, exotic and yet classic in its familiarity, an enigma that does not have to be defined for appreciation. Elegance is poetic, a mystique that may be sensed without recognition. We know it when we experience it, despite our inability to determine its specifics. Elegance is a mystery whose importance remains determined by the pangs of its absence. Elegance occurs when the depths and heights of love ignite the gleam of eternity. Elegance is a mystique whose form resides in essence, presence, and resonance.

Essence is the truth of a given matter. It is the identity, thing, and/or state that permeates an idea throughout all of its manifestations. It is the flex of potential. Within a sense of time, it is the eternal glancing back.

Presence is the manifestation of essence that inhabits the now moment. It is the manifest of potential. Within a sense of time, it is the present occupation of the eternal. It is the magnetic appeal that our eyes can never leave.

Resonance is the viability, influence, and continuity of an idea’s essence. It is the contagion that is passed on in identical and different forms. Resonance is the eternal effects that are felt from the essence, it is the influence that lingers once an idea has passed on. It is the influence of potential. Within a sense of time, it is the eternal whose revelation is our future.

Dissonance is the antithesis of elegance. It is the distortion, destruction, and death of elegance.



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